All On 4 Technique

The load or immediate function in implantology is a technique adequately documented in its clinical and histological aspects:

A large number of histological studies refer to even better quality of osseointegration in loaded implants immediately than in those in which deferred loading is performed.

The all on 4 implants Tijuana is a system that allows total fixed rehabilitation with implants of the upper and / or lower jaw in the total edentulous patient or in that one shortly devoted to total edentulism.

This procedure allows us to provide the patient with fixed teeth immediately, thus avoiding transition periods with removable provisional prostheses.

Its name comes from the use of only 4 implants per maxilla, although 5 or 6 may be necessary in certain cases of the maxilla.

One of the most attractive points of the technique is that it can be applied in a high percentage of cases (the inferior implants will be interforaminal and in this sector insertion is almost always possible even in situations of extreme resorption, in the upper jaw they will be placed between maxillary sinuses, which also greatly reduces the need for regeneration that would contraindicate the technique) with success rates above 95%.

In addition, it is a simple intervention in which we place a smaller number of implants than usual, which facilitates hygiene and also cheapens the costs.

The original technique requires an intimate collaboration with the laboratory so that, in a few hours, the patient leaves the clinic with the inserted fixings and the fixed implant-supported screwed prosthesis.

We intend to introduce a modification that makes it possible to dispense with the prosthesis laboratory so that the complete treatment depends solely on the surgeon-not / restorer.

The treatment provides the patient with a fixed rehabilitation of acrylic resin without metallic framework; After 5 or 6 months, the impressions will be taken to carry out the final rehabilitation, acrylic or ceramic on a titanium structure or other material.

We present the clinical case of a totally edentulous future (in the lower maxilla it only has one molar) in which we take advantage of its prosthesis to transform it into a fixed acrylic prosthesis in the manner of the so-called “hybrid Brånemark type prostheses”, with the difference that the one we manufacture does not have an underlying metallic structure, something that does not worry us, as it is a provisional solution that, at most, will be used for six months.

Focusing on the lower jaw, the philosophy of the system is based on:

– Use of four implants in the anterior interforaminal mandibular area.