Breastfeeding and breast cancer

According to doctors and dentists like Samaritan Dental know that to have a healthy body as a healthy and robust tooth, it is essential to be well nourished, now a report from UNICEF emphasizes that breastfeeding from the minute zero is not only good
for the baby, it is also for the health of the mother.

Improve breastfeeding in the world for all babies
Create adequate and positive environments for breastfeeding. Measures such as drafting laws that guarantee that paternity permits and being able to breastfeed at work are critical. Also, hospitals and health experts inform, allow and facilitate breastfeeding after delivery. In Spain, every day is more common than in health centers after giving birth, and the midwife helps the new mother to breastfeed. The rite is usually born, put the baby skin to skin and teach the newborn and mother to mate, something that should always happen, but it does not occur on all sides, as explained by UNICEF and reiterated a few weeks ago the World Health Organization. Health. Experts point out that there must also be more restrictions on the marketing of artificial milk.

The father’s support in breastfeeding. UNICEF emphasizes that husbands and couples cannot underestimate this practice, so their involvement in the process is necessary.

Breastfeeding is not only good for babies born full-term. The organization emphasizes that breastfeeding from birth would help all babies. This organization, together with the WHO, executed a 10-step guide last month in which it states: The original guidelines were aimed at the ideal birth, to babies born at term (in the 39th week of gestation). In contrast, these new indications are also directed to premature babies, underweight babies or sick people. For example, in Spain, it would improve the health of many newborns. Each year about 29,000 children are premature, that is, before week 37, and represent 75% of hospital admissions in neonates, according to the latest data offered by the Spanish Society of Neonatology. In Europe, there are 500,000 who do it annually.

Experts who support difficulties before breastfeeding. It is known that there is no right or lousy breast milk, but many times some mothers find themselves with a wall when breastfeeding their little ones. Problems related to hooking, stress, poor performance, among others. UNICEF makes a complaint to the countries to make specialized assistance available to women in breastfeeding to help cope with possible complications.

Unless medically indicated, never give a newborn a liquid other than breast milk.

That mother and son are together from zero and 24 hours. A technique very used after childbirth and that involves placing the newborn on the chest of one of their parents. The benefits of skin with skin or kangaroo method are many. It is a method that does not need technology, but it is of great help, especially for premature children (born with less than 37 weeks) or who are born with low weight, the authors say, concluded the study 20 years analyzing the kangaroo method. Traditional care, Besides, to be effective, it also requires that the mother breastfeed her child whenever possible and that a strict follow-up of both is carried out at least during the first year of life. This method can lower the number of premature babies who die.