Dark circles in eyes

The dark circles under the eyes are one of the most difficult things to cover with makeup and if you do not know some tricks it may seem impossible mission. If you do not want to wear those dark circles at your graduation party and what you want to wear is Shangri-La Prom Dresses, we have good news for you, it is possible to disguise them however dark they may be! No matter what the reason is: it does not matter if they are genetic or because you have not slept well for several days …

But those dark circles under your eyes can disappear. We give you some wonderful makeup tricks to disguise the dark circles that have caused so many headaches.

Dark circles: steps before applying the concealer
The first thing you should keep in mind in order to disguise dark circles under your eyes is that the skin around your eyes will have to be well hydrated. This way you will be ensuring that the concealer stays better and that it will adhere well to your skin staying perfectly throughout the day. So do not hesitate to use a few drops of moisturizer in each of your eyes before you start to make up, it should always be the first step!

Another makeup trick is that you will have to apply before the concealer of dark circles; the eyeshadow, the mascara and the eyeliner. There are many women who obviously use the concealer first and then the rest, but we recommend that you apply it first. This way you will be able to cover better the possible defects that you have when you make up your eyes and the result will be much more professional.

The concealer’s tone for dark circles

It is very important that you take into account the tone of the concealer so that it looks great with the tone of your skin and that, in addition, can successfully cover those dark circles under the eyes. To get your right tone you do not have to settle for the first corrector you find or with whom you think you can do better because the shop assistant has assured you that it is yours. In order not to spend money on you, I advise you to ask for samples of the proofreaders that you think could go well with you. Only by testing them with your makeup directly on your skin can you know which one is right with you.

The texture of the concealer is also tremendously important, you must find the texture that best suits your skin type. Try the liquid, cream, powder and bar corrector. Only when you have tried them you will be able to know which one is best for you. This decision is very personal and depends a lot on the skin characteristics of each one, but also what you want to achieve with that concealer, the type of base you use, etc.

Makeup tricks for the face: goodbye to dark circles
A makeup trick to hide your dark circles under the eyes is to spread the concealer over your dark circles and reach the nose. In this way you can really cover all the darkness in your dark circles. This trick is great when you have a bad night, so you’ll look like you’re more awake.

The illuminator is also a makeup product that can come very well because you can highlight the areas of the face and especially the eye area so it will look like you have had a great night of sleep!

Finally, another makeup trick that you can not miss is an essential one. Do not put on the concealer with your fingers! Use the brush that is intended for it and you will notice the great difference you get by doing it with the brush and not with your fingers.