Doubts about Pregnancy and breast cancer

There are medical treatments that can give us a bit of fear like  Tijuana dental veneers but nothing compares to the fear of having breast cancer and being pregnant at the same time. Although the incidence of this tumor is currently low, it is diagnosed in one of every 3,000 pregnant women, each time in the consultations more cases are seen due to the delay in maternity.

A reality that generates great uncertainty among pregnant women, that face an unexpected reality. Cancer and pregnancy are two realities that are hard to relate mentally because the emotion and joy of pregnancy are joined by fear and distrust generated by a diagnosis of breast cancer. Even so, there are encouraging data.

Not only the incidence of breast cancer is low, but their survival rates are high thanks to screening programs and progress in treatments. Some programs that together with the knowledge of the risk factors allow an early diagnosis. The most important thing is to go quickly to a multidisciplinary unit of cancer and pregnancy because it is essential to take care of the baby at the same time that cancer is treated. Therefore, all professionals involved in breast cancer and in the management of pregnancy (medical oncologists, radiologists, breast surgeons, neonatologists, obstetricians and breast nurses as well as support groups) should know perfectly the specific case to look for the better treatment for both.

An early action that during pregnancy should be taken with special caution, and before any symptom or alteration in the breast, or just some worrying sensation, it is important to go to a Breast Unit. A diagnosis that is complicated because during pregnancy the breast undergoes hormonal changes typical of the state of the pregnant woman. However, it is advisable to go to the specialist so that it is he who confirms that the nodule is not serious.

But what do you do when the diagnosis is confirmed? The main doubts swirl around the safety of the fetus. It’s going to be OK? Is it necessary to interrupt the pregnancy? The options open, however, is not a medical indication, in fact, it is perfectly compatible to take care and maintain the safety of the baby and at the same time effectively treat cancer.

A specialized unit will coordinate the gestation process, the state in which the time is found and the subtype of breast cancer. Its control will make it possible to assess the different treatment options depending on the gestation period, the stage of the tumor, the type of cancer and the patient’s preferences. In this way, a personalized treatment will be planned, better adapted to each case.