How to clean the brackets

The modern fixed appliances that are intended to correct the teeth, better known as brackets, are placed with a special adhesive on the teeth. According to its manufacture there are different types of dental braces Tijuana depending on their materials, characteristics and modalities. After the diagnosis of your dentist, each patient will choose the one that best suits their budget and comfort.

The initial placement of brackets implies that the gums become inflamed and you should always insist more on brushing, and therefore do not be alarmed by the existence of small bleeds.

With the passage of time, overcome the minimum initial discomfort, the brackets will adapt perfectly to the daily life of those who wear them.

One of the most common questions that we ask in our clinic is how to clean the braces, and brush your teeth, to maintain proper oral hygiene. Here are a handful of tips that will help you a lot to get it.

Tips for cleaning your brackets, metallic or sapphire
To be sure we know how to brush your teeth with braces, you need to follow some guidelines:

– Tilt the brush 45º.
– Make sure you clean the area between the bracket and the gum well. This requires some time and patience, but you get used to it soon.
– Use a brush for brackets (called interproximal) for those areas of difficult access. Must have soft bristles
– Replace the brush or its head more frequently, since its wear with the brackets will be faster.
– It can be interesting to use electric brushes since they have special heads for people who wear braces.

When we eat, remains accumulate around the brackets, on them and in the bands. If an adequate cleaning is not carried out, the residues and bacteria that have accumulated will decompose, producing an unpleasant halitosis, as well as the development of oral diseases, starting with the known caries.

Also the aesthetic aspect is important. Many foods with dye can stain the brackets and dye their original color. Therefore, a cleaning should be carried out after each meal.

How to brush your teeth with braces
First we will place a little toothpaste in the brush. The chosen dental product should contain fluoride and also some component that helps eliminate bad breath, as is the case of eucalyptus and mint.

In the brushing process, the action will be done around the brackets, in a circular and smooth way, without forgetting the bands. We brush around two minutes, also massaging gums.

It is also necessary to sanitize the external and internal faces of all the teeth, as well as to perform a gentle brushing of the tongue, to eliminate the bacteria that may be there accumulated.

A mouth rinse with plenty of warm water will complete the cleaning and remove toothpaste.

Dental floss, interdental brushes and irrigator, ideal complements

Dental floss is the best complement when it comes to eliminating the remains of food and bacterial plaque deposited in the brackets. If the silk is a little waxed, the cleaning process will be easier to perform.

For its use, the ideal thing is to smoothly slide the silk between the teeth, verifying afterwards that there are no more trapped remains. At the last moment, a good rinse with plenty of water will complete the cleaning. The type of dental floss to be used should be determined by an orthodontist.

If the specialist recommends it, in addition to flossing, a dental irrigator can be used, for cleaning with jets of water under pressure and an interdental brush to reach the most hidden areas.