Live healthily and live more

Many think that when we reach an age when it is difficult to look good, paying a liposuction Tijuana is the only solution, and although it is an excellent option to look good in a short time, the truth is that a healthy lifestyle can lead to an increase of life expectancy with respect to those who do not follow them up to 14 years for women and 12 years for men and in addition to that look younger for much longer. Experts have drawn this conclusion after observing over 34 years the more or less healthy behavior of 123,000 Americans.

The main contribution of the study is the fact of applying the calculation of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to the real data on deaths in the United States. It serves to calculate how many deaths can be attributed not to follow that lifestyle, which is modifiable and does not depend on drugs and medical treatments.

The conclusion that, at 50 years of age, a woman who maintains a lifestyle according to the five indicated strong factors could have a life expectancy of 43 years more. For a man of the same age, he would be 37 years old. For people who do not respect any of these recommendations, the average life expectancy is 29 years in the case of women and 25 years for men. According to the study, it is not necessary to have followed this style strictly throughout life, and it is never too late to improve aspects such as quitting smoking or following a healthier diet and, although it begins at age 50, benefits can be obtained.

American scientists believe that for every individual to adopt a healthier style, a more significant effort of public health is essential. Experts recommend that the United States health system promote prevention in the general population before treating patients. They also argue that the same discourse applies to a country like Spain and refers to the consumption of snuff, as it is an unhealthy habit very common in this country. If many people are prevented from smoking, many diseases will be reduced. In contrast, medical treatments, although of course improve health, have a minor impact, in terms of public health, because they reach fewer people.