Ovarian cancer

Did you know that ovarian cancer is the third cause of death in Mexican women?

Ovarian cancer affects almost a quarter of a million women worldwide and unfortunately in 75% of cases it is known when the disease is already very advanced, which makes it very difficult to cure. Beware of cancer is a common phrase, this includes any type of cancer, including oral, so if you have the suspicion you can go to a New Age Dental Clinic Tijuana.

That is why ovarian cancer is considered a silent disease due to its difficult detection, because only advanced the condition is that you can begin to feel the symptoms and it is very likely that for some time the diagnosis may be confused with other diseases such as colitis or gastritis .

Ovarian cancer affects almost a quarter of a million women worldwide every year and only 45% is likely to survive for 5 years compared to up to 89% of women with cancer of breast.

Ovarian cancer is divided into 2 large groups, the most important is epithelial ovarian cancer, which accounts for about 90% of the chaos, the other 10% is divided into germ cell tumors or other histologies. Unfortunately 75% of cases are known when the disease is already very advanced stages, which makes it very difficult to cure.

Currently, in Mexico, ovarian cancer is in the catastrophic expenses protection fund of Seguro Popular.

According to specialists from the “Together Against Cancer” movement, it is necessary to go to the doctor once a year (every 6 months in cases of family history and / or risk factors) to perform transvaginal ultrasound, a test that is taken of the blood.

Added to this, we must be very attentive to what happens in your body. Some of the symptoms you should consider are: weight loss, inflammation and pain in the abdomen, pain in the pelvis (very similar to colic), difficulty eating food or rapid feeling of fullness when eating, nausea, constant feeling of have to go to urinate, pain during sex and changes in menstrual periods.

Women who have not had children and women of menopausal age should be especially alert, especially if symptoms occur more than 12 times a month. It is important to clarify that in mammography only breast cancer is detected, in the cervical cancer pap smear and only in the transvaginal ultrasound the ovarian cancer. Hence the importance of all women committing to get a gynecological check once a year.

For timely detection it is important to have a regular check-up at your annual gynecologist’s review. Ovarian cancer is diagnosed mostly in women between 40 and 60 years of age. Early and timely detection and diagnosis saves lives, treatment is easier, quality of life improves and it is very likely that there is no metastasis.

Awareness is also the best treatment; however, for all cases, many medications have been developed to achieve pain relief in up to 90% of patients. The ideal treatment for ovarian cancer is to combine surgery with chemotherapy.

Working with the mind and emotions is of the utmost importance to be able to strengthen and not disintegrate by diagnosis and disease. The psychological support serves to help the person in their emotional problems from a perspective of corporal, emotional, spiritual and mental unity.

What happens in our mind and emotions affects the body, and what happens in our body affects the mind and emotions. There is an interrelation, a psychosomatic principle.

The psycho-corporal therapy is just one of the options that exist to overcome this type of emotional level affections.

Each one decides which one to choose. There are also civil associations and support groups where you can recharge. The most important thing is not to sit cross-legged, seek help and act.