Pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine

For all, we need medicine, even if you only go for Tijuana dental crowns you may need some anti-inflammatory. Medications such as aspirin, antidepressants or morphine have different effects depending on the patient’s genetics.

Pharmacogenetics is the part of the genetic study that is dedicated to investigating the effects of medications in the organism and its genetic origin. And is that medications such as aspirin, antidepressants or morphine have different effects depending on the patient’s genetics. Thus, pharmacogenetics is a step towards personalized medicine.

In fact, according to data from the US Office of Clinical Pharmacology, more than 25% of drugs in that country have genetic information available on their labels. This way doctors can adjust their prescription to the patient’s genome.

More than 25% of drugs in the United States have genetic information available on their labels
In this sense, a pharmacogenetic test has been developed that studies more than 40 medications and their consequences in the organism according to the genetics of each individual. With this test, the patient can know how an aspirin affects him and how the body can react to specific medications in chemotherapy or psychiatry treatments, among others. Also, the test reveals the level of toxicity of the drug in the body, its effectiveness or the level of the dose that is needed.

There are some medications where the genetic study is more than advisable. The drug widely used in oncological treatments can be especially toxic in patients with deficiency in the enzyme dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase, something that can be detected with a simple genetic analysis.

Scientific advances in the field of genetics have been enormous in recent years and this has allowed having a greater knowledge about the influence of genes. In fact, it is estimated that only 3% of genetic information can be interpreted, as indicated by this startup. Personalized medicine will be a reality that will advance as the investigation of genetics progresses.

The effectiveness of the medications, as well as their effects, changes according to the individual who consumes them. According to the results of a study, the medications that are consumed have a range of effects that vary between 25 and 60%. This goes to show that pharmacology, just as medicine is doing in general, must be adapted to each patient.