The new ally of traditional Chinese medicine

The combination of different research or techniques is something that helps medicine to improve from dental veneers in Tijuana to more complicated techniques. Traditional Chinese medicine seeks the benefits of artificial intelligence to combine ancient wisdom with modernity.

Although integration is still underway, it is hoped that with this technology, doctors will be able to study different diseases and observe the possible reactions that patients present with the different techniques of ancient Chinese science.

This allows to accelerate the learning of the doctors and to reduce to a large extent the possible side effects that the different treatments can cause, since the result of these can be affected by external factors such as climate, altitude, among others.

It is also thought to implement other technological advances such as the cloud and big data, which will allow knowledge to be shared in this science and offer more options than those already on the market.

Traditional Chinese medicine is integrated with the knowledge of different regions such as Tibet, Mongolia, Miao, and among these, there are different techniques such as acupuncture, herbal and moxibustion, which involves burning certain herbs in the skin, in addition to heat massage or cold, among others.

Now, thanks to technology, traditional medicines have been modified to look for more concrete and effective results, to check their effectiveness and possible risks.

These actions improve the tradition and allow modern medicine to spread the philosophy it offers, he said.

With the help of science and technology such as artificial intelligence, large volumes of computer data, etc., the thoughts of traditional Chinese medicine and the techniques of this can be extended and influenced globally, and alleviate the pain of all people.

The specialists comment that although nowadays in the pharmacies it is possible to acquire products that are used in this knowledge, with the passage of time their philosophy has been lost much, like the Confucian orientation that was characteristic of this.

However, he considered that the introduction of digitalization in traditional Chinese medicine can rescue his millenary philosophy.

Traditional Chinese medicine has not been eliminated, but due to history, cultural upheavals, social development, and other reasons, modern Chinese medicine has lost many of the thoughts or experience of the ancients.