Your Smile is Your Best Accessory

Any person who is aware of fashion sometimes knows the accessories are what stand out in a well-dressed man, maybe it’s a watch for a man or the tie that ends up snatching the looks; But what about your smile? Have you ever considered your smile as an accessory for your appearance? If your smile is boring and lifeless it will affect your appearance, making you look older and less vibrant.

Therefore, in this article we will present some cosmetic dentistry procedures that have the potential to greatly improve your smile.

Using cosmetic dentistry to stay one step ahead

Dental cosmetics: this is the procedure of cosmetic dentistry in which colored dental materials are adhesively placed on a tooth. This may be one of the simplest procedures in cosmetic dentistry to give life to your smile, the dental union gives the dentist the ability to change the shape, size, color, length, and close any gap between your teeth, the dental bond usually ends in about an hour. However, the final result is not as durable as a porcelain restoration and you should probably go to the dental office to make arrangements over time; While dental bonding is also used to restore teeth damaged by cavities, it is also possible to use it as a dental veneer. The dental union is a very easy way to make your smile young and natural in appearance again.

Dental braces: this treatments helps with teeth alignment and to close gaps that cause problems when biting. It is a long term treatment, but one of the most effective and common. Usually they are used on children, but according to an orthodontist it is now more common than ever for adults to get dental braces.

Dental crowns and veneers: often called “instant orthodontics”, porcelain veneers in many cases change the alignment of the teeth, as long as alignment problems are not too extreme, these are a great way to replace the lost structure of the tooth and of altering the imperfect teeth, creating a more youthful appearance. Dental crowns and veneers tend to require more than one visit, but the results will give you a beautiful and youthful smile that will last for many years, the veneers are usually made to order, ultra thin material and the color of your teeth (or whiter shades if you wish) that join them, without changing color over time. This allows the cosmetic dentist not only to alter the color of your teeth, but also their shape and length, porcelain dental crowns can be used on teeth that already have traditional crowns or need more extensive work (with large restorations or cavities) . Both the veneers and the porcelain crowns are used in cosmetic dentistry to give the patient an impeccable smile, more youthful and natural.

Teeth whitening: this is possibly the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure today among dentists in Tijuana Mexico, it is safe and effective and it comes in several forms, these include whitening in the office, at home (with items provided by the dentist), as well as the use of teeth whitening strips and topical gels. All these methods are quite effective for most, it has been shown again and again that people perceive a whiter smile as young and attractive. People tend to feel better when they are happy with their appearance, teeth whitening gives patients a dramatic change in their smile in exchange for minimal investment and time.

Dental implants: dental implants allow cosmetic dentists another option when replacing teeth to recreate a youthful and attractive smile. Whether it’s a single tooth or a complete restoration of the mouth, dental implants usually supply that need; Usually having missing teeth or empty spaces is considered a sign of old age. Having a complete set of white teeth shows youth, especially when apart from whites, they are bright; When a person lacks a tooth, has different options, there are partial and complete dentures, traditional bridges and dental implants. A dental implant tends to look and feel like a natural tooth, it is also easier to keep it clean compared to a traditional bridge, dental implants are placed directly on the bone creating a solid base for a natural dental replacement.

Recovery of the bite: over time, as we get older, we tend to lose some height in our teeth, this loss of height is also known as loss of the vertical dimension. Some other factors that cause this loss include acid reflux or tooth grinding (bruxism). Recovering the bite of a person using dental implants and porcelain crowns will increase the vertical height that will also eliminate some of the wrinkles around the mouth, these wrinkles develop as we get older and our mouth sinks due to this loss of dimension, problem which is now easily treatable through cosmetic dentistry.

Many studies have shown that the first thing that people notice in a person is your smile, if your smile is boring and lifeless, for sure it will transmit a bad impression. Stay a step ahead in terms of your choice of clothes and the maintenance of your smile with the Best Mexico Dentists. You only have one opportunity for a first impression, make it a good one!